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30 BEST PRACTICES // JUNE 2013 www.PackagingDigest.com The beer injection system has two nozzles side-by-side at each station—one large and one small diameter. Most of the beer enters through the larger tube, but beer injected through the narrower tube creates foam that forms a "cap" on top of the beer to keep out air. Controls for the system were supplied by Omron Electronics LLC. Reclosable cans In keeping with its image as a top-line craft brewery, last spring Sun King introduced a new line of beers in Alumi-Tec 16-oz reclosable aluminum cans from Ball Corp. To run the Alumi-Tec cans, Sun King installed a semi-automatic system that runs 6 to 8 cans/min. Robinson says, "The small, highly efficient, manual filling line allows us to package our most rare, small batch beers in an aluminum package." The filler, which runs two cans simultaneously, is equipped with a purge station and a filling station. A worker manually places two cans beneath the purge nozzles and pushes the start button, which introduces carbon dioxide into the cans. The A horizontal piston pushes one can at a time into the seamer. The can is raised against the spinning seaming head, and a hook comes in and folds the top seam of the can over the lid. A second hook then comes in and finishes curling the lid and can together. worker then places the two purged cans beneath the filling nozzles, and pushes the start button to fill the beer. Each step is separate. The length of the carbon dioxide purge and the quantity of beer to be filled is set by the operator; the system repeats those quantities each time a button is pushed. A single-head semi-automatic Series 501 capper from Closure Systems Intl. seals the containers. A worker places a closure supplied by Silgan White Cap on the filled can, positions it in the unit, and then pushes the start button to initiate the operation. A Sun King installed plunger descends to keep the a semi-automatic system to fill and bottle from rotating during the cap its new line of procedure. Two rollers then 16-oz recloseable come in and travel around the aluminum cans cap to form the cap onto the in two separate threads of the can. These are steps. followed by two more rollers that create the tamperevident band on the cap. At the end of the procedure, the worker removes the capped bottle and repeats the process. A trained operator can run about 50 bottles/hr on the unit. The unit uses a control system from Triangle Research Intl. Inc. and an HMI from KesslerEller Products. In another move into essentially new territory, Sun King placed a small portion of its Johan the Barleywine beer into bourbon barrels to age. This process imparts even more depth of character to the beer, allowing it to pick up flavor from the bourbon as well as the oak. Sun King produced only 250 Alumi-Tec cans of Bourbon Barrel Johan, which sold for $25.00 per can with a limit of one per person. These are exciting times for Sun King Brewing Co. With its $3.9 million expansion and its commitment to new types of packaging and beers, the company is well positioned to maintain its position in the forefront of the country's craft brewers. Ball Corp., 303-469-3131, www.ball.com Cask Brewing Systems Inc., 403-640-4677, www.cask.com Closure Systems Intl., 317-390-5000, www.csiclosures.com Kessler-Eller Products, 800-631-2165, www.kep.com Omron Electronics LLC, 847-884-7057, www.omron.com PakTech, 541-461-5000, www.paktech-opi.com Ska Fabricating, 970-759-3045, http://skafabricating.com Silgan White Cap, 203-975-7110. www.silganwhitecap.com Triangle Research Intl. Inc., 877-874-7527, www.tri-plc.com magenta cyan yellow black ES257510_PD1306_030.pgs 05.29.2013 02:36 UBM

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