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Kahle Automation 20世纪20年代崛起的自动化设备制造商 Corporate profile A name identified with state of the art automation, Kahle was established in 1920. With early roots in the glass machinery business, Kahle provided automation equipment for the medical device, pharmaceutical, electrical and automotive industries. In the beginning, Kahle was there with the first automatic machines to produce glass syringes and thermometers. Kahle has developed with the market from glass medical devices to plastic disposable medical devices and diagnostic products. Today, Kahle's experience makes it a worldclass provider of assembly equipment to every major medical device company throughout the world. Kahle offers the best of small company flexibility and large company technology. Kahle possesses the ability to be responsive to the needs of its customers, while having the talent to produce any assembly machine required. Kahle has allocated its human resource assets where they should be – in technology. In fact, over half of Kahle's 120 member staff is involved in engineering and design activities. Its level of technology will match that of any company in the Medical Device Automation Industry. Behind Kahle's innovative technology is integrity, which has earned the company a trustworthy reputation with every major Medical Device Manufacturer around the globe. Kahle is committed and positioned to continue its legacy well into the 21st Century. Products and Services Kahle's product line includes custom-made automation equipment for the following: • • • • • IV Products • Safety Devices Catheters • Blood Collection Products Syringes • Needles Tubing Sets and related medical devices Pre-fill Syringes and other pharmaceutical devices In addition Kahle offers customized equipment design, fabrication, system integration, validation, documentation, installation and on-site customer service. Contact Us: Kahle Automation S.r.l. Via Artigiani, 1 24043 Caravaggio (BG) Italy Phone: +39 0363-355511 Fax: +39 0363-54458 E-mail: Website: Kahle Automation 89 Headquarters Plaza North Suite 355 Morristown, NJ 07960 Phone: +1 973 9931850 E-mail: Website: 1 920年成立的Kahle公司现已成为"顶级自动化"的 代名词。公司早期经营玻璃加工机械业务,为医疗 器械、制药、电子及汽车工业提供自动设备。成立 初期,Kahle率先开发了一种生 产玻璃注射器和体温计的自动 设备。随着市场需求的变化, 公司业务从玻璃医疗器械转向 一次性塑料医疗器械和诊断产 品。今天,凭借多年的生产经 验,Kahle已成为世界一流的 组装设备供应商,产品销往全 球各大医疗器械公司。 Kahle既有小公司的灵活机 动,也有大公司的先进技术。 公司不仅能够迅速回应客户 需求,同时具有生产所需组 装机械的大批人才。公司将 人力资源 集中在对于企业发展最为关键的领 域——技术。实际上,在我们的120 名员工中,半数以上都属于工程和 设计人员。我们的技术水平绝对可 与医疗器械自动化行业的任何一家 公司相媲美。创新技术的背后是我 们良好的整合性,为此我们赢得了 全球各大医疗器械制造商的高度信 赖。Kahle将不断努力,续写21世纪 的辉煌传奇。 产品和服务 • 静脉输液产品 • 安全设备 • 导管 • 采血产品 • 注射器 • 注射针头 • 导管装置及相关医疗器械 • 预充注射器及其他药物器械 此外,Kahle还可以根据客户要求提供设备设计、加 工、系统整合、验证、文件证明、安装以及现场客服等 服务。 联系方式: Kahle Automation Via Artigiani, 1 24043 Caravaggio (BG) 意大利 电话: +39 0363-355511 传真:+39 0363-54458 电子邮箱 网址

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