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公司简介 C O R P O R A T E P R O F I L E Precision and Perfection at all levels 精益求精 追求完美 C endres+Métaux was founded in 1924 in the bilingual Swiss watch-making metropolis of Biel/Bienne. Over 430 employees combine traditional know-how with innovative solutions, ensuring the success of our customers. C endres+Métaux 于 1924 年成立于瑞士双语制表业中心 Biel/ Bience。公司拥有逾 430 位员工,并凭借丰富的专业知识和 创新的技术方案确保客户取得成功。 在医用领域,公司能够满 足客户在精密机械系统方面 的特定需求,帮助客户顺利 完成从概念设计到制造以及 产品包装上市的整个过程。 多年的经验和全面的服务使 公司成为客户值得信赖的合 作伙伴。 In the Medical division, we turn customer requests into individual precision products or systems: from idea to manufacturing and delivery of ready-packaged medical devices. Many years of experience, coupled with comprehensive services, provide the foundation for trust-based partnerships with our customers. Our core competencies − Micromechanical production of medical implants with complex geometries made from precious metal or titanium alloys − Injection molding and machining of PEKK, the newest generation in high-performance polymers. − Surface treatments and finishes of implants − Complementing offerings incl. laser marking, washing, simple and complex assembly, testing, packaging and inventory management. Our production capabilities − Turned and milled parts from 42mm until 0.02mm − Injection moulded parts up to about a size of 11 cm3 − Packaging on four cleanliness levels − Production and storage surface: ca. 7, 361m2 Your advantages − A modular service offering, flexible and adapted to your needs. We offer for e.g. standardized packaging systems which can give you significant financial and time advantages. − A closed material cycle for all our precious metal alloys. From refining to foundry until production. All from one hand, under one roof. − As your network partner we maintain and coordinate contacts throughout the whole value chain. − Accreditation and certificates ISO 13485 / 9001 / 14001 / FDA registered. Contact Us: Cendres+Métaux SA Rue de Boujean 122 P.O. Box CH-2501 Biel/Bienne Phone: +41 58 360 20 00 Fax: +41 58 360 20 13 E-mail: Website: 核心竞争力 − 以贵金属或钛合金为原料,针对复杂外形的医疗植入 物的微机械加工工艺 − 注塑成型,PEKK 机械加工,新一代高性能聚合物 − 表面处理及植入物产品终加工 − 提供激光标刻,清洗,简易 & 复杂装配,检测,包装 以及库存管理咨询等服务 生产能力 − − − − 42mm 至 0.02mm 的车铣零部件 最大约 11 cm3 的注塑件 四个清洁等级的包装服务 生产和库存面积达 7, 361 m2 您的获益 + 模块化服务,完全满足您的任何需求。我们提供标准 的包装系统,可大大节省您的时间和预算。 + 您所有贵金属合金可进行封闭式物料循环。从精炼, 到铸造,最终生产。一站式服务。 + 作为您的合作伙伴,我们维护并协调您整个生产价值 链的关系网络。 + 认证和证书: ISO 9001 / 13485 / 14001 / FDA。 联系方式 : Cendres+Métaux SA Rue de Boujean 122 P.O. Box CH-2501 Biel/Bienne 电话:+41 58 360 20 00 传真:+41 58 360 20 13 邮箱 网址

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