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公司简介 C O R P O R A T E P R O F I L E Swisstec Micromachining expands the range of applications of laser cutting machines Swisstec Swisstec 微加工技术公司激光切割机的应用范围进一步扩大 O ver the years Swisstec has made a name for the manufacture of micro-manufacturing machines and marketed successfully. New laser technology allows now for a number of new materials to be processed in better quality: even bioabsorbable polymers. Swisstec designs and manufactures at their sites in Switzerland and Austria, laser cutting machines of the highest class. For years, specializes in cutting, drilling and welding of pipes and smaller complex flat parts, Swisstec has achieved tremendous performance. The well-established series MFT "Multi Flexi Tube" with a cutting speed of 3,000 mm / min, is the fastest and most precise laser cutting machine on the market. Manufacturers of stents, biopsy needles, special needles. hypotubes etc worldwide rely on the superior Swiss quality. Wet and dry cutting The modular micro-manufacturing machines are optimally configured for the customer's needs and available in several sizes. Feeders, robotic systems or integrated inspection equipment Swisstec offers the ideal solution integrated into a compact system. Both wet and dry cutting is possible. The massive granite frame and the sound design ensure the greatest possible stiffness and independence from outside influences. Even with fiber lasers as a source Swisstec succeed, to achieve superior cutting quality. The technology of the PICO and FEMTO laser, in which a high-energy laser pulse lasts only for a few picoseconds opens now completely new possibilities. Ultra-precise mechanics and optimized software stand for a cut and finish unthinkable so far. Ultra short pulses keep the heat-affected zone to a minimum and practically irrelevant so that polymers, magnesium or other special materials can now be worked. Even for traditional materials the advantage of the new technology can be seen: with a virtually burr-free cut and less heat affected zone the cost of inspection and post-processing are substantially reduced = time and cost savings. 年来 Swisstec 微加工技术公司一直以制造微加工设备闻名。 如今其新的激光技术可使大量的新材料得到更好的处理,甚 至包括生物可吸收高分子材料。 多 Swisstec 微加工技术公司在瑞士、奥地利设有工厂,设 计并制造高端的激光切割机。多年来,公司专注于管材及更 小型复杂平板零部件的切割,钻孔和焊接,并取得了巨大的 成功。公司知名的 MFT"多纤维管材"系列是同类产品市 场中切割最快且最精确的激光切割机,其切割速度可达每 分钟 3000 毫米。来自全球各地的支架、活检针、特殊针及 Hypotube 等制造商都信赖于 Swiss 公司的高质量产品。 干湿切割 模块式微加工设备根据客户的需求提供了优化配置,并提 供多种尺寸。Swisstec 将理想的解决方案 -- 给料机,机器人 系统及集成的检测设备集成至一个紧凑的系统。可进行湿式 和干式切割。巨大的花岗岩框架和完善的设计,确保最大的 刚度和最小的外界影响。使用光纤激光器,可实现更卓越的 切割质量。PICO 和 FEMTO 激光机技术,其高能量的激光脉 冲仅持续几皮秒,这也打开了各种新的可能性。超精密力学 和优化的软件代表了目前不可思议的切割及完成水平。超短 脉冲使热影响区受到最小的影响,实际上不受影响,这使得 聚合物,镁或其他特殊的材料得以被加工。即使是传统材料, 新技术的优点也得以体现:无毛刺切割和热影响区缩小,检 测及后加工成本大量减少,即节约时间和成本。 未来雄心勃勃 随着组装和应用实验室的进一步扩大,产品的销售将得到 进一步加强。 在多个战略销售区域,Swisstec 自有的演示系统可为客户 进行试样加工。 Ambitious into the future Following the extension of the final assembly and application laboratory sales activities will be further strengthened. In various strategic sales regions Swisstec own demonstration systems are available to Customers for sample processing. Contact Us: Swisstec Micromachining AG CH-9100 Herisau Phone: +41 71 755 31 12 E-mail: Website: 联系方式 : SwisstecMicromachiningAG CH-9100 Herisau 电话:+41 71 755 31 12 邮箱 网址

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