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IVD Technology, Spring 2013

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the instrument as opposed to requiring a technician to support them. What was special about the EDGE platform by HTG Molecular Diagnostics? Typically, analyzing parafn-fxed samples is a fairly labor-intensive process. [HTG] has taken some of that labor out of the process and put it into the instrument operation. Tis can be a really useful research tool for people trying to identify markers for disease. I personally have looked at a company where this can be a useful tool. What impressed you about Bio Nano Genomics's Irys platform? Tis was high-sensitivity DNA sequencing. It was a unique chip platform. With these genetic chip assays, there's a lot of development that goes into creating a chip that is ready to be marketed. I think the company was successful in converting a research approach into a commercial system. I thought the instrument was impressive on the tech/science side. It's primarily a research tool at this point. You can start analyzing DNA in individual cells, such as circulating tumor cells, where you don't have a lot of DNA to play with. You couple this with a CTC extraction methodology, and you can actually start doing some analysis on those individual cells. What do you look for as an MDEA juror? What are you seeking out in fnalist products? For me I'm just looking for something that strikes my interest. It's Diagnostics. It's in our blood. At EKF we continue to make a name for ourselves in in-vitro diagnostics. We've grown from small beginnings in Germany to a London Stock Exchange listed business with a global distribution network. One thing that hasn't changed during this time is our commitment to designing and manufacturing analyzers that come with quality, support and ease-of-use built in. To find out more about our range of market-leading HbA1c, hemoglobin, glucose and lactate devices or our comprehensive range of clinical chemistry tests visit us at ekfdiagnostics.com or call +44 (0)29 20 710 570. Diagnostics. It's in our blood. ekfdiagnostics.com the vantera clinical Analyzer by Liposcience. ivd tech n o lo gy.com magenta cyan yellow black i vd t ec H n O LO G Y | s pr i n G 2 0 1 3 9 ES236960_IV1305_009.pgs 04.24.2013 23:37 UBM

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