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EDITOR'S PAGE A New Market for IVD Services Is Right Around the Corner There were approximately 9300 urgent care centers (UCCs) in 2012, and Bruce Carlson, publisher at Kalorama Information, expects to see 1000 more pop up by 2016. Some will be spacious conventional facilities, others may show up at a strip mall near you. Regardless of their location, UCCs represent a tangible business opportunity for IVD manufacturers, as they increasingly become de facto primary care providers. "The more they do primary care, the more they will do tests," says Carlson, whose company recently published a report titled The US Market for Urgent Care Centers. Some UCCs already maintain a full lab, and approximately 42% of them are able to perform moderately complex tests. Tat number is likely to grow, as the centers begin to form chains and seek competitive advantage by ofering a larger portfolio of services to an expanding patient pool. Healthcare reform is one of the drivers of this evolution. "It's kind of funny," says Carlson. "Te Afordable Care Act does not specifcally address UCCs, but it is so set up for people who don't have a regular physician or don't want to deal with the waiting times in doctors' ofces." IVD companies already target physician ofces for their products and, going forward, they should consider UCCs IVD TECHNOLOGY w w w . I V D T E C H N O L O G Y . C O M as an extension of that business model. With that in mind, Carlson has a few recommendations for companies to consider as they serve this customer base. Some UCCs can be quite large, but they can also be squeezed into tighter locations and may not have a lot of foor space. Equipment size is going to be a big consideration. Compact units will have an edge. Tere may be a single lab employee on site, so anything that simplifes processes will be a winner, says Carlson. "Tese may be ideal customers for analyzers with cartridgeloaded reagents, even if the per-test cost is slightly higher than it would be with another system." You will see UCCs doing more infectious disease testing than physician ofces, adds Carlson, a point to keep in mind when marketing to these folks. Carlson blogged about this shifting business landscape on IVDT Insight recently. I invite you to read "Why Are IVD Companies Hanging Out in the Strip Mall?" by going to http://bit.ly/13ODwq8. Norbert Sparrow norbert.sparrow@ubm.com EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Richard M. Bauer, PhD Staf Scientist Barbara Kinnaird, PhD Vice President Vana L. Smith, PhD Quality Assurance Manager, Global Customer Communication Systems Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics Response Biomedical Steven R. Binder Director, Technology Development Daniel P. Kolk, PhD Director Product Development Bio-Rad Laboratories Gen-Probe Inc. Avis T. Danishefsky, PhD Scientifc Reviewer Attila T. Lorincz, PhD Professor of Molecular Epidemiology Ofce of In Vitro Diagnostic Device Evaluation and Safety, CDRH, FDA Wolfson Institute, University of London Abbott Laboratories Joanne M. Stephenson Head of Strategic Marketing Innovative Biosensors Inc. Glen Paul Freiberg, RAC President LipoScience Inc. Leif E. Olsen Director of Regulatory Sciences Hogan & Hartson RCQ Consulting Mary Lou Gantzer, PhD Vice President of Clinical Studies Susan L. Taylor Marketing Manager, Systems Thomas M. Tsakeris President Devices and Diagnostics Consulting Group Donald M. Powers, PhD President and Principal Consultant Powers Consulting Services Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Mark S. Vreeke, PhD Partner Rational Systems LLC Richard T. Root (retired) Jeffrey N. Gibbs, JD Director Formerly Roche Diagnostics Doris-Ann williams Director-General Hyman, Phelps & McNamara Patricia B. Shrader, JD Vice President, Regulatory, Public Policy, and Communications British In Vitro Diagnostics Association Mark Herberger Director, Particles Business Clinical Diagnostics Division Becton, Dickinson and Co Emily S. winn-Deen, PhD Vice President, Strategic Planning and Business Development Termo Fisher Scientifc Katie M. Smith, PhD Principal Cepheid Craig M. Jackson, PhD President and Principal Scientist Katie Smith Consulting Jack J. Zakowski, PhD Director, Scientifc Afairs and Prof. Relations HemoSaga Diagnostics Corp. 6 IVD TEC HNOLO G Y | SP RIN G 2013 magenta cyan yellow black Beckman Coulter Inc. i v d t e c hnol ogy. com ES235848_IV1305_006.pgs 04.23.2013 05:08 UBM

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