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IVD Technology, Spring 2013

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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Current Sink/Source Te CSI021 four-channel high-voltage programmable current sink and source from Cactus Semiconductor Inc. is suited for neurostimulation applications and other battery-powered medical equipment. Featuring four independent 8-bit linear digital-to-analog convertor-programmable current sink/ source outputs with 6-mA maximum full-scale sink and 1.5-mA full-scale source currents, along with a 4:1 sinkto source-current ratio, the device supports multichip expansion via the SPI bus for high electrode counts. Fullscale current ranges are programmable via an external reference resistor. Supply voltage of 18 V allows for 6-mA output currents into 1.5-kW loads. Pulse timing is fully programmable via the 1-MHz, 2.5-V SPI. Programmable parameters include sink/source pulse widths, pulse frequencies, stimulation on-of periods, and amplitude ramp rates. CACTUS SEMICONDUCTOR INC. www.cactussemiconductor.com Inclinometer A manufacturer of electrolytic tilt sensor and inclinometer products has expanded its line of microprocessor-based analog-output dual-axis inclinometers, supplementing its inclinometer that features 0- to 5-V outputs for the x- and y-axes and for interface with all types of instrumentation and equipment. Te low-power, drift-resistant devices ofer an angle range of ±60° in x and y, 0.2-arcminute (0.003°) resolution, and ±0.1° repeatability. Custom angle ranges are available. Te inclinometers' robust yet compact housing encloses microprocessor-based electronics intended to provide long-term reliability and environmental durability. THE FREDERICKS CO. www.frederickscom.com Board-to-Wire Connector A rugged, user-friendly DF60-series board-to-wire connector, with a capacity to handle 40 A, features a reliable fve-point contact design with independent contact springs, a center lock presenting a clear tactile click to ensure secure mating and prevent against half-locking and uneven sidelocking, and guards designed into the connector body to prevent cable snaring. Te center lock helps save PCB space and facilitates high-density mating. Available in straight, rightangle, and in-line connection styles, the miniature device uses three separated lower contact points that individually defect while being mated, each following the fat surface of the male contact. It is designed for quick and easy assembly. Te RoHS-compliant connector has a rated voltage of 1000 V ac/dc and can withstand 3000 V ac for 1 minute. Wire conductors range in size from AWG #8 to #12 and can handle up to 30 insertionand-withdrawal cycles. HIROSE ELECTRIC COMPANY, LTD. www.hiroseusa.com Aqueous PartsCleaning System temperature through the addition of another equipped for RS-232 communications and a third with RS-485 communications. Te company has designed all of these RoHS-compliant inclinometers to be easy to use and to 40 IVD TEC HNOLO G Y | SP RIN G 2013 magenta cyan yellow black within a centralized layout, the unit measures 65 × 110 × 89 in., and, to handle components that are very long, can be supplied with a wash chamber extended to a length of 60 in. Te versatile single-chamber rotational cleaning system features degassed ultrasonic-wash and rinse, immersion-wash and rinse, spray-wash and rinse, hot-air dry, and vacuum-dry A fully automatic, customizable, and self-contained Midi aqueous cleaning system is designed to meet all cleanliness and inspection standards of the medical device industry. Suited for cleaning processes taking place functions for complex components. Te technology involves no solvents or emissions and efectively cleans large and small components, components with complex geometries, and components that require special fxturing. Also, standard-size baskets hold large component volumes. Te wash chamber's numerous highvolume jet nozzles emit cleaning fuid at 130 gpm to thoroughly penetrate and saturate the workload. MECWASH SYSTEMS www.mecwash.com Microarray for Cancer Research A microarray can improve the accuracy and efciency of cancer research. Te CytoSure Cancer +SNP array combines long oligo aCGH probes with fully validated SNP content, providing very good detection of both CNVs and LOH on a single chip. Any reference sample can be used without changes to the standard aCGH protocol, and no restriction digest is required. Te capacity to use matched samples is a particular advantage for research into genetic aberrations in cancer. OXFORD GENE TECHNOLOGY www.ogt.com IVD i v d t e c hnol ogy. com ES237184_IV1305_040.pgs 04.25.2013 01:17 UBM

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