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IVD Technology, Spring 2013

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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Monoclonal Antibodies to Calprotectin L1 Protein A company ofers MAb to calprotectin L1 protein. Calprotectin is a 36kDa calcium- and zinc-binding protein expressed by the geneS100 calcium-binding protein A8 (S100A8). It plays a central role in neutrophil defense and is a reliable indicator of infammation in several pathologies. Plasma calprotectin levels have been shown to correspond to rheumatic disease activity (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis), and fecal calprotectin has been FDA-approved as a quantitative marker of gastrointestinal infammation, specifcally infammatory bowel disease. Recent studies also suggest that fecal calprotectin can be used as a screening marker for colorectal cancer. merIdIan lIfe scIence Inc. www.meridianlifescience.com Microplate Photometer Te Multiskan FC microplate photometer is a flter-based microplate photometer for a wide variety of research and routine applications. It ofers proven perfomance and reliable results through built- in self-diagnostics, IQ/OQ/PQ, and verifcation tools, as well as ease of use through a visual user interface and language versions. Te product ofers a wide wavelength range of 340 to 850 nm and fast reading of both 96- and 384-well plates. thermo scIentIfIc www.thermoscientifc.com Fluorinated Solvents Te AsahiKlin AE-3000 line of fuorinated solvents designed for use in precision cleaning and as moisturedisplacement fuids, defuxing agents for electronics, and carrier solvents for lubricants have no fash point, no ozone depletion potential, and low global warming potential. Te safe and environmentally friendly solvents from AGC Chemicals Americas Inc., which can substitute for halogenated solvents, are nonfammable and noncorrosive, have low surface tensions, low viscosities, and high liquid densities, and are chemically and thermally stable. agc chemIcals amerIcas Inc. www.agcchem.com We have the cure for lack-of-innovationitis. Don't miss some of the top MedTech educational events of 2013. For more information visit UBMcanon.com ivd tech n o lo gy.com magenta cyan yellow black I VD T EC H N O LO G Y | S PR I NG 2 0 1 3 3 9 ES236201_IV1305_039.pgs 04.23.2013 23:36 UBM

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