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IVD Technology, Spring 2013

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Traditional Blocking and Stabilization Coating Step Empty & Wash Incubate with blocking buffer Empty & Wash Coating Step Incubate using WellChampion Empty & Dry Incubate with stabilizing buffer Store Empty & Dry Store Blocking and Stabilization using WellChampion from Kem-En-Tec Diagnostics Leader in Liquid Handling Figure 4. Illustration of the difference between traditional ELISA production versus ELISA production using novel dual-purpose plate blockers and stabilizers. Novel dual-purpose reagents combine the features of a blocking agent and a stabilizer for plates, eliminate two washing steps, and enhance the assay activity and precision. same time, these reagents efciently block any free binding sites left on the microwell surface after coating, thereby eliminating the need for a separate blocking step. Tese dualpurpose reagents have the added beneft of providing long-term plate stability with increased assay sensitivity and precision compared with traditional methods of separate blocking and stabilization (Figure 3). As shown in Figure 4, these dual-purpose reagents combine the blocking step with plate protection in a single operation and remove two washing steps from the ELISA procedure. Tis dramatically speeds up both the plate coating and stabilization processes and can cut washing bufer volume consumption by as much as 50%. For an IVD manufacturer who produces precoated plates, the use of these novel dual-purpose reagents could completely eliminate the need for washing during ELISA plate production, thus reducing the operative time required and cost, with the added beneft of wasting less water. Conclusion Eco-sensible options are now available to researchers and IVD manufacturers in the development and production of ELISA assays. Tey do not compromise assay stability or quality, and can reduce production costs. In ivd tech n o lo gy.com magenta cyan yellow black some cases, nonhazardous alternatives can enhance performance, simplify assay production, and facilitate product transportation and distribution. Te development and use of ecosensible approaches enables individual IVD manufacturers to achieve more sustainable practices and allows other members of the IVD ecosystem (including the healthcare consumer) to improve their environmental sustainability, as well. In the end, everyone benefts. References 1. Rohm and Haas, Toxicology Department, "Evaluation of the toxicity of Kathon biocide," August, 1984. 2. A Vale, "Methanol," Medicine 35, no. 12 (2007): 633–4. iVd Microlab STAR Advanced Liquid Handling Workstation Advanced Pipetting Technology Modular Platforms Custom Integration Available Quality Service and Support massimo alberti, PhD, is project manager at kem-En-Tec Diagnostics. He can be reached at ma@kem-en-tec.com. Henny nielsen is export sales and marketing manager at kem-En-Tec Diagnostics, Taastrup, Denmark. She can be reached at hn@ kem-en-tec.com. Julie Zink is account manager at kem-En-Tec USA, Windsor, CT. She can be reached at kementecusa@ rainbowscientifc.com Contact Hamilton 1.800.648.5950 www.HamiltonRobotics.com | marketingrequest@hamiltoncompany.com I VD T EC H N O LO G Y | S PR I NG 2 0 1 3 2 1 ES236988_IV1305_021.pgs 04.24.2013 23:43 UBM

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