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48 NEW TECHNOLOGY // APRIL 2013 www.PackagingDigest.com new productsmaterials High-performance ink Black Ink 3401 is a keotone-free ink that does not contain MEK or acetone; it is said to be suitable for a variety of coding applications for foods, drinks, cosmetics, confectionary products and tobacco. It offers fast drying time of one to three seconds on both porous and non-porous materials, and is resilient to chemical splashes from alkalis, acids, water, alcohol, petrol and cutting fuid. It is capable of heat resistance for 30 minutes up to 300 deg C with no adhesion or color change. Linx Printing KCC Packaging, +44 1489 895 234 www.k-c-c.co.uk one with a single gusset at the base, and one with a gusset at the top and bottom. New formats also have been added, and include 1 and 1.5 L for the double gusset, and 1-, 1.5-, 1.75- and 3-L sizes for the single gusset. The double gusset offers the same benefts as the single, with high-performance flm, and low carbon footprint. Three different flm structures are available depending on customer needs, and the entire surface can be printed. Technologies Ltd., +44 1489 302128 www.linx.co.uk Barrier tray This new biodegradable barrier tray allows retailers to move away from CPET and aluminum throughout ready-meal retail. The sustainable solution, the company says, is ovenable and microwavable. It reportedly has been tested successfully for durability, wet strength and effectiveness in cooking. Flexible pouch Pouch-Up now comes in two shapes: Smurft Kappa, +353 1 202 7180 www.smurftkappa.com Eco-friendly blister ECOmply flm combines biodegradability and product protection stability. It reportedly offers PVC-level functionality without the PVC-level environmental footprint. The formulation breaks down only under favorable anaerobic conditions, and the flm has the same thermoforming parameters as standard PVC flm, meaning no modifcations are needed to existing blister machine equipment. The flm can be used with all common aluminum lid foils or child-resistant (CR) foils with standard sealing parameters. It is available in clear, color and opaque, and in "paper lookalike." Bilcare Research Inc., 302-416-0974 www.bilcaresolutions.com PET bottle The new PowerBlock 3.0 is a 64-oz hot-fll polyethylene terephthalate bottle delivering sustainable advantages. It reportedly eliminates 13.2 percent from the typical 68-g PET bottle. The container also boasts a 38-mm lightweight fnish, compared to a standard 43-mm fnish for the same size bottle. Patent is pending on the bottle's conical base push up, and a second patent is pending on the rectangular base with strap-like features that are added to create a footed-style base. Amcor, 714-562-6000 www.amcor.com Dispensing lid The new Dispense Lid doses tablets, capsules or liquids from plastic bottles in a controlled manner. Incorporated into a bottle's closure, the lid features a liner with a small opening that induction seals to high-density polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene bottles. The customized opening feature helps users dispense only the desired number of tablets or capsules, which assists with compliance and minimizes the risk of contamination to remaining product. Constantia Flexibles, +43 1 888 56 40 1000 www.constantia-fexibles.com Roll foams microZOTE roll foams Laser scoring The laser scoring process creates are available in densities from 200 to 400 kg, with small cell sizes, and come in a selection of colors that can be readily laminated to produce striking combinations. The color range can be used in applications such as packaging and as a protection layer for tool boxes, dividers or elsewhere in presentation. The foams are virtually odor free, and are inert and recyclable. a peel and reclose application for fexible packaging while maintaining the integrity of contents and preserving perishable items. A pressure-sensitive adhesive label combined with the company's LaserSharp technology creates an easy-open package. The laser scored pattern reportedly works with any shape or size to meet packaging needs. Advantages to this method include consistent score depths and accurate placement of each laser process. This non-contact method is said to guarantee a fnished material free of processing fragments and residue. Zotefoams plc, +44 20 8664 1643 www.zotefoams.com LaserSharp FlexPak Services, 651-789-8800 www.fexpakservices.com magenta cyan yellow black ES221127_PD1304_048.pgs 03.27.2013 03:38 UBM

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