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32 BEST PRACTICES // APRIL 2013 www.PackagingDigest.com he points out. According to KHS, it can accept up to a 5-lb fill and is rated at 65 cycles/min with up to two fill heads. Tese larger packs are mainly protein supplements with multiday servings for 10-, 20- or 30day portions. Other products packed into the large format include stuffing mixes and other foodservice items. Shapiro liked the refurbishment so much he decided to do it for all seven of the HFFS machines, timed around the relocation. Te motivation for the machinery makeover was as much for looks as performance. "Tis is a bright, shiny new plant and I wanted the equipment to be bright, shiny and like new," says Shapiro. "We want visitors to be dazzled by the facility, the people and the equipment. While our sanitation crew is second to none, there's only so much you can do with older equipment." Coordinated by his special projects manager and done before and during the move, each machine was stripped down to the frame, which was then sand-blasted, prepped and repainted. All drive motors were replaced and all wear parts were evaluated and replaced as needed by an outside contractor. As the machines were reassembled, current model parts were used exclusively. YUPO AND VASKA CASE STUDY ® ® A CLEAR, BRAND-FORWARD COLLABORATION IN PACKAGING DESIGN Where brand and packaging innovation meet, exciting new possibilities emerge. Take the recent expansion of Vaska, a leader in natural fabric care that developed a retail product line to complement its institutional laundry care products. The intended launch of Vaska's new concentrate formulas in 2011 was developed to showcase the unique fluid qualities and clear properties of the detergents. As innovators in the market, Vaska sought out unique packaging design that would let Vaska's qualities shine through. During that same time frame, Vaska's bottle molder, Silgan Plastics (silganplastics.com), was also working on innovative new bottle shapes with Yupo Corporation America. Yupo, world leader in In-Mold Label (IML) substrates, had recently expanded its IML product line to include a new, clear substrate to accommodate more options for designs and shapes of blow-molded bottles. YUPO IML grades are synthetic label substrates which provide a fully recyclable decoration solution. With no liner, liner waste or required ® adhesives, YUPO was a perfect solution for Vaska's blow-molded bottle. The collaboration of teams resulted in the development of YUPOUltraClear IML, which allowed for integrated blow molding, TM and for the product to be completely visible through the translucent Vaska bottles. YUPOUltraClear substrate looked just as clear, bold and transparent on Vaska's lavender bottles as their translucent white bottles. Historically, designers were limited to using a white label that was print matched to the color of the resin. This process, on today's clear and translucent bottle options, would result in loss of visibility of the product. By promoting product visibility, YUPOUltraClear IML continues to forge the way for brands to showcase their products and truly stand out on retailers' shelves. It took about two weeks per machine at a cost of $10,000 each. For Shapiro, that extra work and investment at an already crazy-busy time was worth it. "Te machines look brand new," he says. "It worked out great." (See "On rebuilding equipment vs new" on p.30.) Flexibility in materials and purpose GSC Packaging's film selection— driven by product and customer needs—is based on moisture- and oxygen-barrier requirements as well as graphics needs. Te majority of the films used are metallized. Because he is not a films expert, Shapiro says he collaborates with several film manufacturers. "I become the focal point and bring all the parties together," Shapiro explains. "I work with some film companies and folding carton companies and with suppliers of other packaging components. We provide a turnkey solution. We're not necessarily the expert, but we partner with experts." One of those expert resources is The Lithotype Co., which for many years has provided the company with rollstock film for A contract packaging perspective Shapiro has a long history in contract packaging from his early days with Georgia Spice Co., a predecessor company of GSC Packaging. He offers his perspective on the business environment: "Over the last decade people have been reticent to invest in plant and equipment. With the current economic environment, it's become even more difficult and somewhat risky for especially big companies to be making these investments. That's particularly true in start-up products or products that might have a limited life span. The trend we've seen is that there's been an increased interest in contract manufacturing and contract packaging. "We see a lot of opportunity with companies that don't want to make their own capital expenditure investments or that want to concentrate on marketing rather than focus on running a manufacturing plant. We become that manufacturing plant and we just see opportunity after opportunity coming through because of that—a trend I expect to continue." For more information or to check out our video showcasing YUPOUltraClear IML, visit yupousa.com/clear or vaskahome.com. magenta cyan yellow black SYNTHETIC PAPER do it on yupo ES220894_PD1304_032.pgs 03.27.2013 01:58 UBM

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