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Powder & Bulk Solids, April 2019

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IN THIS ISSUE • A P R I L 2 01 9 Vol. 37, No. 4 PowderShow.com Offi cial Publication of T h e S o u r c e f o r D r y P r o c e s s i n g a n d B u l k H a n d l i n g Te c h n o l o g y PowderBulkSolids.com Correct Flexible Screw Conveyor Selection Page 10 Compact Filter Module These compact filter module (CFM) is used in-line at any bulk material transfer point that requires dust control. By filtering at the point of collection, the dust collected can be entrained into the product flow. The low-profile design makes it suited for inline filtration. The flow tube can be eliminated, making it suitable as a bin vent for any tight headroom conditions. The exhaust fan is directly mounted to the assembly, eliminating the need for a remote fan placement. The design provides lower internal velocities, resulting in less load on the filtration media. DCL Inc., Charlevoix, MI 231-547-5600 www.dclinc.com Simulation in Materials Handling New technology is certainly helping, but at present, there is really no substitute for knowing the bulk properties of the material for which bulk handling equip- ment is being designed. Page 6 4 Signs of Bucket Elevator Inefficiency Continuous bucket elevators are widely used to transport bulk solids. While a an effective means of material transport, there are factors that can degrade the overall efficiency of a unit. Page 16 Tubular Conveying is Not So Obvious Until You Look Inside The list of industrial conveyor options is long, but if you're looking for a gentle, dust-free way to transport materials, the tubular drag variety is your best bet. Page 28 Easy-to-Clean Incline Conveyors These easy-to-clean incline con- veyors feature robust stainless steel, sanitary construction with a quick-release fold-out side board and a belt lifter system for fast toolless washdown. The belt's sealed edges prevents contamination. Incline con- veyors provide gentle material handling in food and pack- aging applications and are available in horizontal, incline, and Z-shape configurations. They are designed for high- end applications with heavy-duty sanitary construction, the elimination of tuning, hollows and harborage points, continuously welded standoffs and seams, and minimal use of fasteners. Frazier & Son, Conroe, TX 800-365-5438 www.frazierandson.com

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