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10 Westpack SHOW INSIDER 2013 // www.PackagingDigest.com "Companies are having trouble finding qualified employees to fill these hightech job openings." associated areas for every one job that may be insourced. In fact, the larger issue is companies are having trouble finding qualified employees to fill these high-tech job openings. We instead should focus on how best to educate our workforce in the United States so that we can remain the leader in automation technologies." Leasing & Finance Foundation. In its "U.S. Equipment Finance Market Study 2012-2013," market share increased to 13.8 percent of total new business volume, overtaking non-health services as the top end-user industry. The study goes on to say that, in 2013, $1.3 trillion is projected to be invested in plant, equipment and software. "However, over the next 12 to this cloud is that technological innovation and equipment replacement needs should spur rapid growth in volume in late 2014 and beyond." This prediction is echoed by IDC Manufacturing Insights, a firm that provides strategic business technology and application advice for the manufacturing industry. In December 2012, it presented its Top 10 Predictions for 2013 in manufacturing: ■■ P re d i c t i o n 1 : Business Productivity—The Next Wave Begins. ■■ Prediction 2: 4 Pillars Support the House of Productivity. ■■ Prediction 3: Resiliency Becomes a Priority for Manufacturers Looking to Master "Massive Multidimensionality." ■■ Prediction 4: Manufacturing to 18 months, businesses faced with rising uncertainty over the economy and regulatory policies are expected to be more cautious about spending on equipment and software, as well as taking on more credit. The silver lining IT Organizations will have to Support a More Productive Operational Ecosystem. ■■ Prediction 5: Companies Recalibrate the Product Lifecycle Process. did you know Investments generate robust growth Industrial manufacturing experienced a strong increase in market share in 2011, according to the Equipment ■■ Prediction 6: IT Delivers a "Digital Thread" for the Product Management Process. ■■ Prediction 7: Service Excellence Becomes a Strategic Priority. ■■ P re d i c t i o n 8 : Technology Advancements Accelerate Service Excellence Initiatives. ■■ Prediction 9: People will be at the Center of the Factory of the Future. ■■ P re d i c t i o n 1 0 : Advanced Technologies will Emerge in Support of Operational Excellence Strategies. "Manufacturing companies are sit- ting on a record stockpile of cash and, provided near-term uncertainties are resolved, are looking at robust global markets beyond 2013," says Robert Parker, group vp, IDC Manufacturing Insights. "Also, we are seeing a generational change at the executive levels across all segments. This new generation of manufacturing leadership will eschew stock buybacks and dividend increases in favor of longer term growth initiatives, many of which will have advanced technology at the core." To access a replay of the webinar "Predictions 2013: Manufacturing," visit http://bit.ly/MI_Predictions2013_ Manufacturing. Factories of the future are likely to use more metal than flesh to ensure productivity, profitability and competitiveness. Visitors to the WestPack show—and its other colocated events, such as Automation Technology Expo (ATX) West and Sustainability in Manufacturing—will be able to see some of the latest packaging machines live and in action. Register to attend at www.packagingdigest.com/ WP2013register.

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